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Ignite Baltimore

Thursday, September 18

Five minutes, 20 slides. What would you say? At every Ignite Baltimore, 16 artists, technologists, thinkers, and personalities take the stage to answer this challenge.

Our goal is to spark new conversations and collaborations across cultures and disciplines.

Ignite Baltimore #15 Speakers

  • Courage to Code, Brigitte Warner
  • Education Reimagined, Andrew Coy
  • Meditating (Healthily) on Your Own Death, Steve Intlekofer
  • Gaining Freedom Without a Car, Aaron Brazell
  • Crowdsourced 3D Printing, Todd Blatt
  • Rebuilding Baltimore - One House at A Time, Jacob Wittenberg
  • Why LGBT History Matters, Sarah Prager
  • C’mon Ride that Train! — How the RED LINE could make Charm City better for us All, Rodney C. Burris
  • We don't need another inner city African American Male teacher, Chip Dizard
  • What on Earth is a Mainframe?, Sam Knutson
  • The Peekskill Riots at 65, David Drager
  • Disabled Design: A Challenge for a New "Space Race", Joe Olson
  • Perfect Facade: A Young Professional's Fight Toward Mental Health, Lindsey Pope
  • Microfractures in the Cycle of Child Abuse, Dan Dutrow
  • Radical Redemption: Prison Hospice, Kristin Metzger, R.N.
  • Surrealism: The art movement that still lives in our collective conscious, Monica Lopez-Gonzalez
MICA Brown Center
1300 Mount Royal Avenue


  • Brigitte Warner

    Brigitte Warner

    Hi! I’m a former math and technology teacher in Baltimore City and now work in web development full time. I love illustration, cartooning, good design, printmaking at Baltimore Print Studios, and Ruby on Rails! Girl Develop It, Rails Girls, and Betamore have all helped me substantially as I learned the ropes of a new trade. Sequential art and illustration are two of my passions and I considered Edward Gorey, Ralph Steadman, Quentin Blake, and Arnold Roth to be some of my greatest influences. I won the President’s Commendation for Achievement in the Arts as the Cartoons, Etc. editor for the Johns Hopkins News-Letter for my illustration and cartooning portfolio.

  • Andrew Coy

    Andrew Coy

    Educator, technologist, mentor and entrepreneur interested in bridging the gap between education and technology. Passionate about educational equality and dedicated to reinventing education to empower students to take their place the 21st century digital workplace.

  • Steve Intlekofer

    Steve Intlekofer

    Significant experience in educational publishing and content development, as well as business strategy and proposal creation in the educational space. Substantial experience in developing and patenting/trademarking intellectual property. Well-versed in the marketing/advertising field through current position and through high-level contacts and meetings concerning the exploitation of Denizen's intellectual property.

  • Aaron Brazell

    Aaron Brazell

    I am a 4 time entrepreneur, 2 time business owner, and have over 10 years of experience building for the internet. Seven of those years have been involved in open source development with WordPress on all sides of the product - content production, large and small scale deployments, consulting, core contribution, and hosting. I have been a Director of Technology, Founder, Manager and Consultant and am open to opportunities that expand my career experience in mobile, open source and technology innovation.

  • Todd Blatt

    Todd Blatt

    Todd Blatt is a mechanical engineer, artist, and professional maker. He has been 3d modeling since 1997 and loves 3D printers and laser cutters. He currently works as Head Maker and VP of Market Direction for 3D printer manufacturer Tinkerine Studio.

  • Sarah Prager

    Sarah Prager

    Sarah Prager loves communication in all forms. She studies foreign languages, the way people share information online, and how social movements communicate with the masses. She is fascinated by the way information travels between individuals, countries, and organizations. Sarah helps non-profits and entrepreneurs communicate successfully with their audiences online. Giving the most effective voice possible to their messages is what gets her up in the morning.

  • Rodney Burris

    Rodney Burris

    Educator, National Speaker, Youth and Family Advocate, and Entrepreneur; these are some of the words used to describe Rodney Burris. In addition to a wide range of career experience, the common thread among all his ventures is a strong desire to strengthen communities. Rodney is also an avid promoter of business development and entrepreneurship, which is personally evidenced through such ventures as The R-Squared Group, LLC; Immaculate Conceptions, LLC, Dream Big; and Burris Construction, LLC.

  • Chip Dizard

    Chip Dizard

    I’m an entrepreneur with a passion for all things technology and media. I graduated from Coppin State University in Baltimore, Maryland with a degree in Media Art/Communication, and discovered my love for web design in 1999 after I created a web site for local nonprofit organizations in the Washington, D.C. area. I’ve helped numerous organizations build an online presence. I also have a love for education, and after working as the General Manager of Baltimore City Public Schools Education Channel 77, I currently teach media production for the school district.

  • Joe Olson

    Joe Olson

    Joe received a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State University in 2004, moving on to earn a Master of Science in Rehabilitation Science and Technology from the University of Pittsburgh in 2007. In Pittsburgh he worked as a graduate student at the Human Engineering Research Laboratories under the direction of Rory Cooper, where he earned the skills needed to actually build what he only could draw and imagine before. In time, Joe received an offer as a facilities engineer in Maryland.

  • Dan Dutrow

    Dan Dutrow

    I am passionate in developing innovative solutions that drive technological and cultural change while engaging the talent of the brilliant individuals around me. I have a unquenchable thirst for new ideas and the challenges that necessitate them. My interests spill out of purely technical buckets — I find enjoyment from interpersonal and philanthropic pursuits.

  • Monica Lopez-Gonzalez

    Monica Lopez-Gonzalez

    I'm a trilingual English-Spanish-French speaking Cineaste, Cognitive Scientist, Dramatist, Educator, and Entrepreneur with a PhD in Cognitive Science from Johns Hopkins University interested in the cognitive relationships between creative artistic, emotional, musical, and linguistic behavior. My work lies at the intersection of Art and Science to better understand and unleash our creative thinking and making capacities as human beings.